Written by Michael Zangerle on . Posted in Malaysia

After 23 days working in a row I had finally off. Uff,  we can not do this always otherwise you are to exhausted during the season.

Nici and I took a canoe and went out to sea. After about 30 minutes we reached Tiga Ruang - three beaches that can only be reached via boat. We settled down on the smallest of the three beaches and a local came up to us and offered us a beer.

Gratefully declined we went snorkeling first. We had 25 big bumphead parrotfishes. Absolutely brilliant and only two meters away from us. They can get up to 1.2 m and mostly live in fish schools.

After snorkeling, we wanted to relax on the beach. The local came over and brought us a beer what we finally accepted - with a piece of cake. Indeed, even in the middle of the tropics, there is cake. It was funny.

We had a nice day off and after a few hours, we fled from the sun and relaxed listening to an audio book.