Written by Michael Zangerle on . Posted in Malaysia

Last year we had a wildcat named POOR TOM. He was not very bg and had all the time flesh wounds. Michael took care off him even if he woke us in the middle off the nights running through our resort miauwing. He was looking for some love only. Since June he did not come anymore but a threetimes bigger cat which made him and our cats life not easy.

Our cats had every morning new flesh wounds which we took care off with antibiotics and some cream. One day our biggest cat Noname did not come for his breakfast. We new there must have been something strange happened as he is always eating. We found him under a chalet. He was very sensitive on his side but he became better and ate. Several days later the skin ruptured and some pus came out.

One of our fun divers was a vet and told us about a hematoma. He said we should wait two weeks before we go to an doctor. Unfortunately Noname stopped weating from one day to the next and hid underneath a chalet again. We had the feeling he wants to die.

Micha took him to the main land. Gismo had a similar hematoma so he took her as well. As Mike managed everything with the doctor he got the information about Noname. We got hold off the information of Nonames death two days later only.

We were really sad about his death, it took us a while to recover. We love you, Noname, Rest in piece old friend.