trip with complication

Written by Michael Zangerle on . Posted in Malaysia

While leaving Paradise our island Anke broke her thumb. She got between two boats. When we left with our company car the parking spot she dodged against a pillar...

Nici made it with some inconvenience to KL. Luckily we could stay with a friend of Anke in Kuala Lumpur as his wife is giving birth to their first child. So Nici also stayed with us.

Even if we got our Indian Visa confirmed in August the High Commission needed two days to stamp our passports. We tried to plead for three hours for a little faster performance as our flights to Calcutta should leave at 2:30pm but we could not collect our passports before 4:30pm.

We booked our flight and night train and trek in India and Nepal according to the information of the Visa Centre, but unfortunately he misinformed us. During our time in KL the Indian Prime Minister was there which did not make it easier for us to get the Visa earlier. 

We found a different solution instead and booked a flight via Dhaka (Bangladesh) to Kathmandu (Nepal). This made our travel budget a little smaller, but that’s the way it is.

To get our passports we had to be in the Visa Center between 5 and 5:30pm. Our taxi driver was a little lost and drove out off the city. We still see ourselves sitting in KL.

But somehow we made it. When we got another taxi back to our sleeping place a fire extinguisher exploded in the trunk  off the taxi with covered our stuff in a with powder. We laughed our asses off.

Next morning we made it for 7:45am to the airport and could not find our check in counter. It was closed for one hour already as the plane was delayed. The travel agent had the delayed time in his computer so we come to late for our check in. After one hour off calls and complaining we made it to the gate and were personally greeted. We boarded the plane first. The connection flight in Dhaka was delayed too. So we waited 10 hours on this small airport instead off 6.