Perhentian Island 2011

Written by Michael Zangerle on . Posted in Malaysia


Another year just passed by and there was so much going on. We had not much time to write any reports on teh Perhentian Islands, so take this as an overview of the last 12 month.

We travelled our 3-month again after finishing off season 2010. This time we had Nepal, Tibet and India in mind but as we do recall we did write about this last year already.

Tibet had lots of spirit, Nepal was breath taking and India was quite challenging. Although it was also one of these experiences you will not forget.

Early February we made it to the island. This took a few days as the waves were so high we could not leave the harbor. Our two cats Phantom and Gizmo were well fed and were looking forward for some cuddling.

Due to the high waves we could not get the equipment to the island. So we used the time to renovate the shop with Sarah, Ross and Cynthia. After finishing this we had time left to spend a day on the beach together. This is pretty rare.

The monkeys were very trusting as they were not used to see too many people due to monsoon season. The Geckos we freed from captivity last year had spread around our dive shop everywhere. Very nice creatures!

After arrival of our dive equipment it took two days to go diving and the visibility increased daily. A few time we had incredibly good view and we could tell that the bleached corals had recovered very well. Many sharks and turtles inhabited the reefs as there were not that many snorkelers and divers around yet. We did enjoy some awesome dives.

This year was different than last year as we did not have two but one resort only. So we planned with one instructor less than last year. Till June it worked out but then main season hit and we had to put on our running shoes. It turned out to be a very intensive and successful year. We had loads of fun with our team but it was still challenging.

In May Nadine´s cousin Daniela visited us for diving and hours and hours off snorkeling – without sun burn. Mid June Nadine´s relatives Juergen and his two daughters from the south part of Germany came as well. Our parents arrived in September. They came from Bangkok und relaxed on the island for about three weeks.

During their stay, friends – Hanna with her two daughters and son in law - from Germany gave notice they would come too. Everybody was very surprised about this small little paradise.

During October Nadine taught our three boat guys Roza, Sueq and Khairul the Rescue Diver. They had a lot of fun and will become good Divemasters.  

Unfortunately there were also sad news in our family this year. Nadine´s grandmother and grandfather died and Nadine did not have the possibility to see them again. „For everything there is a time!“ as Nadine’s granny always used to say.

Closing time… Just after finishing off the season we took part in a funny games day with all the Watercolours staff. We had a hilarious day as we had to do tuck-of-war, water balloon transportation, volleyball and lots of other games.

This was followed by our final “good bye” since we do not go back next year. Our six local workers had a tough time too as we could see some tears. We hugged heartily and wished them all the best for next year. We had a wonderful time with you guys! Thanks for everything.

We did meet Anke, Cynthia, Tammy, Uwei, Nina and Markus in Kuala Lumpur again and had some pleasant days. We were the lucky ones to leave first and the rest had to pack their stuff only days later. They headed to Australia, Bali, Borneo, Malaysia while we headed home for the first time in almost three years.

We are here for a few weeks only preparing ourselves for the upcoming world trip. To avoid getting stuck on the first island – we are heading to the Philippines next – we booked all flight tickets all the way to the USA.

Philippines first, then diving and monkeys in Borneo, followed by Australia. We will start in Perth as Anke and Pete are living there. We will buy a car and off we are onto the red continent.

We will fly from Sydney to New Zealand where we booked a very cheap camper already.

Unbelievable but true, the flight into the United Stated is cheaper via Fiji than a direct flight. Damn, but now we need to make a stop-over off 16 days there to visit the paradise islands of Fiji. To be continued...

  OK, we wish you a merry Christmas and a very interesting year 2012!