Written by Michael Zangerle on . Posted in Malaysia

For the next three weeks Nici is in the Cameron Highlands. In colder climate between tea plantations she would like to relax before high season hits us.

In our Watercolours team there are also changes. An instructor - divemaster couple does not feel so comfortable staying the whole season. Thus, the search is going on for replacement and we ar trying to get everybody together for the season. Slowly we have all together, so that we can manage this time with a good and strong team.

Our Divemaster Matias,  his wife Heini - our shop girl - and her little girl Meya - our mascot – are back on our island. After a short break at home he also has a busy time, especially because of Nici’s little vacation.

Tonight we have Matias snorkel test combined with a big bonfire organized from Jono, a divemaster of another dive shop. We will have a big BBQ with lamb - jippie finally other meat - and Squid. Let's see if someone makes a fire show, or play the guitar.

And so we head of for a relaxed evening after a stressful day.