sharks and turtels

Written by Michael Zangerle on . Posted in Malaysia

Yesterday Nadine went to dive a site we took off our schedule in May when El Nino bleached the corals a lot. She did not expect a lot when jumping in at LIghthouse deep at 18 m. The vis of 15 - 20 m was already highly entertaining as you could see the bottom quite well. Lets see about the condition of the corals.

They did not recover as othe rreefs and were covered in algaes. When three black tip reef sharks came into view I was distracted. They were about 1.5 big, not to bad for the Perhentian Islands. We hoverd and watched them for a while when a forth shark came into the reef. Absolutely fascinating.

Minutes later we were joined by a Hawksbill turtle and two more sharks. All in all a very good dive!