Miami Beach

Written by Nadine Zangerle on . Posted in USA

Arriving at Miami Beach we got overwhelmed with crowds of people. Even the art-deco architecture of the buildings couldn’t convince us.

Following the Ocean Drive we had to flee from the pathway with the restaurants. Each of them fighting for customers and trying to convince us why we should have lunch at their place. So we changed sides.

At the beach it felt like in an ant hill and I just want to mention, it is not even high season. Well, this is definitely nothing for us.

But for watching people, Miami Beach is the place to be. Especially women showed off with barely wearing anything. Net tops without the bikini. If they just forgot to put it on?

Glad to be back at the nice, remote campground, we relaxed in the pool and hot tub before we went to bad. We are definitely spoiled with beautiful, paradise like beaches.