Boise and Steve’s Party

Written by Nadine Zangerle on . Posted in USA

We finally made it to Boise, to visit our friend Steve. We have met Steve in 2009 in Vietnam and Laos and shared the passion for traveling. After having seen each other for quite a while we started where we ended – with a good beer. In the Crooked Fence Microbrewery we ignored a bit the guided tour and chatted with Steve and his friends about the world.

The next day Steve showed us around Boise and after a long walk at the river and the town we needed a break – with a beer or two.

Steve was so incredible to organize a party in our honor and we had the chance to meet more travel fanatics. It was just perfect and we enjoyed the great stories and live music. Especially Steve and his hammered dulcimer was an oriental experience.

On Sunday we got ready for a little trip with Steve. He planned a voyage to his mountain retreat in Cabarten, following the Payette River, driving along the Ponderosa Pine Scenic Byway, sleeping at the Salmon River and winding through the Sawtooth Mountains.

Thanks to Steve’s friends Jack and Rory we got the equipment for snowshoeing. Let’s see some of Idaho’s wilderness.