Los Angeles and the stars

Written by Nadine Zangerle on . Posted in USA

Following the cliffs along the west coast we made our way down to Malibu. We observed several beaches packed with elephant seals and pelicans hunting for fish.

In Malibu we found our campground, my parents, my sister and I had been staying 14 years ago. From here we wanted to explore Santa Monica and Los Angeles.

Here it was that we had our first and last two days of rain during our whole trip. But rain couldn’t keep us in the trailer so we walked around the Santa Monica Pier and met an old school mate who moved to LA in 2004.

Following the stars footsteps on the Walk of Fame we had our highlight at the Observatory. Here we could see a brilliant sunset over the city and an audio-visual excursion through the universe narrated by a woman let us dream of the stars.

Thanksgiving was coming closer so we followed family Slife’s invitation and made our way to Maricopa, Arizona. Let’s have a traditional Thanksgiving celebration before Michael’s parents are leaving.