Rocky Mountains National Park

Written by Nadine Zangerle on . Posted in USA

We had been lucky that our truck Clyde/Gangsta started at those temperatures but we were aware that we would need a generator to heat our diesel truck before starting the engine. It was not the first time that we were searching for a generator which would fit in the small compartment of our truck camper.

In Colorado Springs, Colorado we went out to check again – without any luck. We always got the same results. The shops had either the small or the big generators. Too small won’t have enough watts and the big one didn’t fit in the compartment.

So we continued towards the Rocky Mountain National Park and had an interesting incident. Passing Manitou Springs we slept in a little village just next to a bar. The temperature dropped down to – 24.8 C (- 12.6 F) and the next day our truck refused to start.

But luckily we had a funny evening in the bar – where the guys assumed I must be in a playboy edition (I take it as a compliment) and so we could plug in our heat block of the truck. So off we went for the Rocky Mountains.

What a spectacular scenery and we planned to do some snow hiking. Equipped with micro spikes we did some long snow hikes from lake to lake. Those lakes where covered in ice and snow that it was hard to recognize them at all.

Guys, snow hiking is quite strenuous but just fantastic.

After two really cool hikes we met Doc the Park Ranger. He gave us some advices where to go in South Dakota and Wyoming so let’s find out about the Wind Cave and the Wolves.