Christmas with the Native Americans

Written by Nadine Zangerle on . Posted in USA

We still had some things to do on our truck camper in order to get it winterized. Luckily we found the best spot to fix and repair some stuff – in Santa Fe, New Mexico at the Santa Fe Skies RV Park. The owners were just a blessing.

John and Karen helped us to accomplish some of our ideas. So we built a big cushion between the truck and truck camper window to keep it open while driving in accordance to keep it warm. The big challenge driving in cold conditions is to keep your unit warm so nothing starts freezing – like the water pump, water hoses and heater.

Luckily Micha could use John’s barn and his tools – and he had everything men can dream off. Micha put in the truck camper guides since the camper moves a bit in windy conditions. No fun to drive than. The guides prevent it from moving too much on the truck bed and keep it centered.

And finally John made us a present. He welded a hitch in front of our truck so we can attach our new tool box. It was just like Christmas and we are so happy that we met them.

Ready to hit the road again we drove to Taos Pueblo where we had been just month ago with Micha’s parents. We remembered this special event for Christmas and thought this would be an unusual Christmas evening – with the Native Americans.

On the 24th and 25th we enjoyed the spirit of Christmas with bonfire, a hot cider and deer dances in ceremonial clothes. We walked into this unique place and experienced one of the sacred rites of ancient society.

Inspired of this culture and their strong bonds with nature we woke up in Questa, our Bonnie & Clyde Team completely covered in white powdery snow. What a beautiful landscape.