1000 Miles to go

Written by Nadine Zangerle on . Posted in USA

Mid December we had made a decision which would change our travel plans again completely. One year living on a small island in the middle of the South Pacific. Vanuatu was our destination – our flight was booked for the 21st February.

So we had to arrange everything with our truck and truck camper. It would be either in the Steve’s snowy mountain retreat in Idaho or in the desert of Arizona at at Curtis and Vickie.

Even if we could have parked the unit for free at Steve’s place we didn’t want to risk it with those freezing temperatures. Curtis found a good deal with a storage company in Maricopa so we decided to drive the 1000 miles in two days. Our trip brought us through beautiful landscapes and we enjoyed the changes of the scenery.

Especially the Joshua Tree National Park with the bizarre trees was fantastic. We spent the night next to the road and continued our trip quite early. Since we had done almost 1120 km (700 miles) on our first day we made a stop in Wickenburg.

Only 1 hour from Maricopa we enjoyed strolling around the small cowboy city and found finally Nadine’s cowboy boots. Well she won’t need them in Vanuatu, haha.

And here we were back again at our friends place and enjoyed a great evening with Curtis and Vickie. The next days we arranged everything to store our truck camper unit and did some packing.

Finally we were ready for the South Pacific, so off we go.