Sleepless in Seattle

Written by Nadine Zangerle on . Posted in USA

When we arrived in Seattle, we set our camp at a KOA Campground, just 15 miles from downtown. Since we are KOA Members and collected some points while traveling with Michael’s parents we got a discount of $25.

We enjoyed the hot shower, run some laundry and skyped with our parents. The next morning we took the bus to Pioneer Square and signed in for the Underground City Tour.

The Pioneer Quarter of Seattle was first built on muddy floor covered from saw dust of the mill. We don’t have to mention that this wasn’t the safest structure just at sea level. The sewing system and sinking houses were only two problems of this underground structure.

The devastating fire in 1889 destroyed 25 blocks so the city decided to level the Pioneer Square but the construction plan of 12 years didn’t match with the business people in this area. So the business men built there buildings now with bricks and stone instead of wood and the city leveled the streets up to 10 – 35 feet.

Must have been strange to get out of the shops and walk into a wall – since high above your head was the street running. Crossing the street became quite challenging, with ladders at each intersection. After years the businesses changed their entrances to the first floor and the Underground City was born. It was a fantastic tour.

Afterwards we went to the Waterfront and the Pike Place Market. It was Sunday and Super Bowl was coming up, so the city was really empty. We checked out the Seattle Center with its Needle, EMP Museum and Monorail and than we headed back to an Irish Pub in the Post Alley to see the Super Bowl.

It was quite a football game especially with the power outage in the stadium. And as always the Cider and Guinness taste great in the Irish Pubs.