Maricopa and the sale story

Written by Michael Zangerle on . Posted in USA

We left Hawai’i State with some tears in our eyes and do believe that this is truly a Paradise. Some places are unique in the world – HI definitely is one of them.

We arrived in Phoenix at midnight and Curtis was so nice to pick us up. This kind off feels like our second home! Thank you so much, Vickie and Curtis, for having us again. We enjoyed our time so much!

The day after arrival we worked hard to get our truck and camper ready and running again. We could not handle to get it online for selling until it was Monday morning.

We placed it on eBay and Craigslist and had about 20 questions coming in about the unit within the first two days.

Our flight tickets – surprise trip to Germany - were booked for Wednesday the week after and we though we would have SO much time to get this all managed. As time creeped on we figured that this is going to be a close call. And it was a VERY close call.

Vickie and Curtis had tickets for the Arizona Diamond Backs game on Thursday but could not make it due to the timing off the game – first pitch at 12.40pm – what a great time to ditch work J And great seats, too!!! Thanks guys. That was A Ma ZING.

Third inning was a good one and 6 runs to 3 for the Diamond Backs against the LA Dodgers. The latter had to win that game to make it into the playoffs. Unfortunately they did, 2 runs, followed by 1 and 1 more within innings 6, 7 and 8. Congrats to that LA Dodgers, payroll 280 Million US and at least playoffs.

The weekend went by, Monday morning came and the listing on eBay was about to end 65 minutes later. The bids are far off what we liked them to be, our mood was changing since I saw me cancelling my flights to Germany already. But than this happened: Vickie opens up the garage and there was this guy standing just outside. He says, he has been looking for houses in the neighborhoods. He just stopped for the sale sign since a friend is looking for a unit like that for 18 months already. Long story short – we called her, agreed on a price, took it off eBay with 28 minutes to go and she picked it up the very same day. We had the money in our pockets, car keys, title and license in hers. I do not even want to think about all these small little things which happened to make this story come to such an incredibly happy end for us. How amazing!

We ended up a day later on the airport again and did not pay $ 270 for our luggage ( 4 bags, 4 carry on with 310 lbs., don’t ask why). We boarded our flight to Duesseldorf with a lay over in Chicago. At least we saw the skyline.

Thanks to the USA and all the people we meet. We had a fantastic time!