Taos and the yellow trees

Written by Nadine Zangerle on . Posted in USA

Sarah and Nathan gave us the advice to visit Taos Pueblo so you get a better idea about the culture and living of the Pueblo tribes. So we found a beautiful campsite close to Taos, next to the River Grande.

Here we also got a feeling for the canyons here. The land was very dry but next to the rivers grew those crazy yellow trees – paper trees. At the campsite we even met an artist who came here just because of those yellow trees in autumn.

At the Taos Pueblo we got a guided tour. There are still about 2500 people of this tribe living like a community and about 100 are living in the pueblo. The houses are more huts without electricity and running water.

The structure of those buildings is really fascinating and back than, they didn’t have doors. To get in the house you had to climb up a ladder and got into the building via a hole in the roof.

It was also here that the Spanish conquistadores burned down a church full with Native Americans after a riot. Shortly after the attack the Spanish found a decapitated governor.

They still do their dances at the Pueblo and combine it with their catholic belief.

Afterwards we had a quick glimpse at Taos old town and the houses’ style were a mix of the Pueblo and Mexican houses. Not to forget the risas of chili.