The Petrified Forest

Written by Nadine Zangerle on . Posted in USA


Finally after almost 4 weeks of preparation in Arizona we started off into the north. But before we hit the road we wanted to get cabover struts (shock absorber) to stabilize the truck camper on rougher roads. The company we had the appointment at didn’t deny their use for off road driving when we asked on the phone. So it said on the internet as well.

We waited almost five hours instead off one and than they told us to take them off whenever we plan to go off road. What a joke, why did we mention on the phone for what purpose we will need them. Their argument was they where not here to educate their customers. So angry and disappointed, $ 500 less in our pockets, we left towards Flagstaff.

On our way to the Petrified Forest it started snowing and we had to wait till one o’clock until the park opened up the gates. But waiting was definitely worth it.

Once upon a time the logs got buried with silt, mud and volcanic ash. Silicia-laden groundwater seeped through the logs and replaced the original wood tissues with silicia deposits. Than crystallized into quartz we can admire this petrified wood today.

It is amazing what kind of story the nature tells us.

During our drive through the park on a paved road one of the brackets holding the struts got ripped out. We could see why they have been working so long on the truck since they did misplaced the brackets in the first place. They also broke an inner plastic part of our truck. So we called the company and they agreed to give us the money back. We have to send in the struts and an invoice for the broken plastic part. They will transfer the money to us. So let’s do that.

Let’s travel on and enjoy the rest of our snowy trip.