Bonnie and Clyde

Written by Nadine Zangerle on . Posted in USA

With Troy and Micha’s parents gone we got ready to change a bit our travel plans. Traveling alone and with South America in mind we reconsidered our travel units. We had an interesting experience with our 5th Wheel through the mountains of the Sierra Nevada. So we decided to sell it and try to buy a truck camper.

A truck camper sits on top of your truck so you can go off road and reach areas where you can’t go with a trailer. Also the fuel consumption is way better since it is lighter.

Luckily we got the strategically perfect location at family Slife. Arizona has still perfect weather for camping so better to sell our trailer. And since the truck camper or also called slide-in-camper are very popular in Arizona this was the place to be. Thanks to Vickie and Curtis we could realize our change of plans.

Letting go of our 5th Wheel was not easy since it was a bit home for us. But we found a nice couple who fell in love with it just as we did 3 months ago. Finding the right truck camper wasn’t easy.

Not only the prices at the dealers place where shocking, also the conditions of those campers. One had a bad water damage under the bed but sure the dealer didn’t mention it in hope we wouldn’t find it.

So we decided to buy private. And we found the right one.

Let us introduce you to our new team: Bonnie and Clyde – so our gangsta still got it’s name.

During days of resealing, cleaning, repairing the fridge and our electric jacks we enjoyed the company of Vickie, Curtis and the four dogs. One day we did a crazy 8 hours sealing mission and in the night it started raining. How likely is rain in the desert? After 3 months traveling we had only 4 days rain. But we had been lucky and the sealing was fine.

The four electric jacks had been a little challenge. How likely is it that you have a broken remote control, a broken cable and a broken circuit board? But Michael is becoming a real electrician and loves to do everything himself.

On the weekend Curtis, us and the dogs Skyler and Guinness did a great hike around the Picacho Peak. Great day and a stunning view over the desert and the huge cacty. We will really miss them once we hid the road again.

Thank you family Slife for everything! We will miss you and hope to see you soon somewhere in the world!